Trask River welding encompasses four of the major welding types used in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. Through the use of Virtual and Augmented reality, inexperienced welders get a feel for SMAW, FCAW, GMAW and TIG, as well as learn basic techniques and general welding knowledge. After the VR/Augmented class, students are welcomed into the welding shop trailer where they can choose from basic high school level class to earning college credit through a partnership with local community colleges. We are currently working on a partnership in which students may be able to test for a full industry certification.

Small Engine Mechanics:

This class is a basic level mechanics class in which students of all mechanical abilities are welcomed. In this vigorous, fast-moving class, students will learn engine theory, operation, and tool use through class discussions and laboratory sections.

Mr. Voss


Inside Welding Trailer
Inside view of the welding trailer
Welding Simulator
Student using welding simulator
Welding Trailer
Welding Trailer