Students that have their high school diploma are able to attend our local community college online classes. Typically, they will work towards completing their prerequisites for a general associates degree or an associates of transfer if they plan on continuing their education later on in life. Additionally, students are able to earn college credit for some of our welding classes that are offered here at Trask River.


This is a time for graduated youth to get prepared for returning back to society. We cover a lot of areas here starting with the absolute essentials such as building a resume, job seeking, looking for affordable housing options and more. If the student has more time, we start to look at more long-term planning such as career exploration, education opportunities, and even some basic financial literacy. The content covered in this class is  based on the needs of the student and may look different from one to another.

Mr. Dreyer


Heavy Equipment Simulator
One of the Heavy Equipment Simulators
3-D Printer
One of our 3-D Printers
Heavy Equipment Sims
Three Heavy Equipment Simulators
Computer Lab
Computer Lab